Complaints! The role of supervision

Jo Birch

Event Details:

“Complaints! The role of supervision” is the second CPD event in our Professional Issues Spotlight Series held in conjunction with Onlinevents. This event was held on 21st September 2022.

Session Outline

Complaints! Does the notion send a shudder down your spine? How might we, as practitioners, take an active role in which the likelihood of complaints might be reduced?

In this webinar Jo Birch explores the role of supervision and reflective practice in better equipping ourselves to manage any situation in which a person (or people) experiences a discord between what they expected and what they received from our services.

She considers how becoming more curious and ‘always learning’ may contribute to an enhanced awareness of areas to watch, enable us to be more choice-ful when things start to go wrong, reduce the likelihood of escalation, and get the most learning out of any situation.

Speaker Information

Jo Birch MA FRSA, Supervisor, executive coach and psychotherapist

Jo brings people together in global learning communities. As Director of Crucial Difference & International Centre for Reflective Practice, Jo leads an international team providing training for coaches to become supervisors and continue developing as leaders in the profession. She is an accredited supervisor, and an active participant in the professional community, previously Chair of BACP Coaching and board member of AoCS and EASC.

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Speakers Notes

Jo Birch has kindly provided notes for her presentation.  Please CLICK HERE to download her presentation and CLICK HERE for her supporting article .

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