Minimising Complaints by Adopting Appropriate Business and Professional Practices

James Rye

Event Details

“Minimising Complaints by Adopting Appropriate Business and Professional Practices” is the first CPD event in our Professional Issues Spotlight Series held in conjunction with Onlinevents. This event was held online on 8th December 2021.

Session Outline:

Our professional bodies may have been good at training us to become therapeutic individuals, but they have generally failed to train us on how to run therapeutic businesses. The results of this are often unhappy clients and consequent complaints (as well as loss of income).

The session will consider questions such as:

  • Do we need to be more flexible in our assessment? If so, how could we do that?
  • Do we need to contract? If so, what could we put in our contracts?
  • How might we avoid problems when working with clients who are not physically present?
  • What are our GDPR responsibilities and how could we best fulfil them?
  • How can we be clearer about payment? What are the best ways to avoid non-payment?
  • Do we need a professional will? If yes, what could it contain?  And what are the client benefits?

The emphasis throughout the session will be on exploring how managing practical issues more effectively might reduce client dissatisfaction.

Speaker Information:

James Rye started in private practice in 1997 and was a Senior Accredited member of BACP. Before recently retiring he worked as a counsellor/psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and trainer, with clients and supervisees from throughout the UK and from abroad. He was Chair of the BACP Private Practice Executive Committee 2103-2015. His latest book, “Setting Up and Running a Therapy Business: Essential Questions and Answers”, was published by Routledge this year.

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Speakers Notes

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