From virtual to visceral: wonderings, wanderings and provocations of returning to face-to-face therapy

Andy Williams

Event Details:

On Friday 15th January 2021 The Psychologists Protection Society Trust invited Andy Williams to speak on the topic “From Virtual to Visceral: Wonderings, Wanderings and Provocations of returning to Face-to-Face Therapy”. The session was part of the Psychologists Protection Society’s 2021 Annual General Meeting and was held online.

Session Outline:

As therapists emerge from their Zoom bunkers, blinking in the sunlight of the post-apocalyptic COVID world, what might they need to consider as they return to therapy in the face-to-face context?

In this workshop, employing a range of theories and therapeutic stances, Andy Williams offers the practitioner a set of questions that they might like to consider as they move from one therapeutic context to another. By the end of the workshop delegates will be equipped with a set of questions and considerations to support their own practice in their own context.

Speaker Information:

Andy Williams is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and Director of Training at TA Training Organisation.  He is passionate about supporting therapists to become emancipated in their professional identities and to practice “in their own boots”.  Andy is a senior Transactional Analyst, Chair of the North East TA Conference and is a UKATA medal winner for services to the UK TA community.  Andy has presented workshops at the national and international level.  His research interests include the efficacy of clinical supervision and the narrative of suicide in private practice.

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Speakers Notes

Andy Williams has kindly provided notes for his presentation.  Please CLICK HERE to download a copy.

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