Therapeutic Ruptures

Dr Robert Watson

Event Details:

On Friday 1st November 2020 The Psychologists Protection Society Trust invited Robert Watson to speak on the topic “Therapeutic Ruptures”. The session was part of the Psychologists Protection Society’s 2020 Annual General Meeting held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Session Outline:

In this video Dr Watson looks at how decades of psychotherapy research demonstrates that the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to good outcomes in any therapy. Yet problems and ruptures to the therapeutic relationship are common and stressful, and they can present challenges to therapists across all levels of experience.  This presentation focuses on therapist factors associated with the successful repair of ruptures in the therapeutic alliance and those which impede it. Drawing on the consensus from the research literature and his own clinical and supervisory experience to outline helpful therapist responses to tensions in the alliance, and unhelpful or counter-productive therapist responses to problems in the therapeutic alliance.  I will reflect on the ways in which the therapist’s relationship to their vulnerable side can affect the rupture repair process.

Speaker Information:

Dr Robert Watson qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2001.  He has extensive experience in public and private settings working with clients with complex psychological presentations. He is an accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapist and Supervisor, and currently the vice-chair of the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy UK. He worked in the NHS in adult mental health and sexual health/HIV services, helping people with a wide range of mental and sexual health problems.  He worked to a senior level in the profession, managing services and training and supervising others.

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Speakers Notes

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