Naming and shaming therapists: protecting the public or harming therapy?

Dr Philip Cox

Event Details:

On Friday 2nd November 2018 The Psychologists Protection Society Trust invited Dr Philip Cox to speak on the topic “Naming and shaming therapists: Protecting the public or harming therapy?”. The session was part of the Psychologists Protection Society’s 2018 Annual General Meeting held in Manchester, England.

Session Outline:

Dr Cox explains that the key professional registration bodies report an increase in the number of formal complaints. He asks is it because the codes of ethics to protect the public from unethical and incompetent practices have been updated. Or is it because more people attending therapy report experiencing their therapy as harmful?

Speaker Information:

Dr Philip Cox (PsychD) is an HCPC registered Chartered Psychologist and BACP (Accred) member with over 20 years of clinical experience in Primary care, Secondary care and specialist services. Philip is a Psychotherapy & Counselling Union executive committee member, taking a lead on professional complaints. He is also a BPS Psychotherapy Section executive committee member and the e-letter editor. His research publications, conference presentations and lectures focus on unintended harm within psychotherapy, and how to support professionals who seemingly misjudge the delicate balance between good and less helpful practice. Philip is a passionate advocate for social activism and supporting marginalised groups, which includes therapists who experience difficulties – Philip’s philosophy is that by supporting therapists, we support clients.

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Speakers Notes

Dr Cox has kindly provided notes for his presentation. Please CLICK HERE to download a copy.

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