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Past Event : Working with Ethical Dilemmas in Supervision with Kathy Raffles




Event Title:   Working with Ethical Dilemmas in Supervision


This presentation will enable members to engage with some of the challenges and dilemmas that both Supervisees and Supervisors may face, focusing on good practice and how to (hopefully) resolve issues in an appropriate way.


There will be a focus on helping members to identify areas of their practice needing attention in order to: safeguard their clients, develop their ethical understanding and support their well-being through being in a balanced, nurtured and professional Supervisory relationship. We will explore:


  • Ethical dilemmas experienced as supervisees
  • Research findings
  • An ethical dilemma framework to encourage a wide range of possibilities prior to decision making
  • Ethical dilemmas presented in the supervisory relationship


Speaker:  Kathy Raffles


Speaker Biography:  Dr.Kathy Raffles began Kathy Raffles Counselling Services (KRCS) based in Somerset some 23 years ago offering counselling, supervision, training and consultancy services throughout the UK. We work in most work place sectors: health, education, public services, charitable organisations, private practice and commercial settings. In addition we have been offering Supervision Training and CPD Workshops for Supervisors for the past 16 years. It is the aim of KRCS to provide quality training that is up-to-date with current thinking of professional bodies in our quest to promote safe ethical practice for practitioners.


Dr.Kathy Raffles is a Fellow and Accredited Registrant of both BACP and NCS, and an Accredited Supervisor. She was a former BACP Trustee, a former BACP Accreditation Assessor and Chair of the BACP Sanctions Committee (Professional Conduct Committee). Her doctoral research explored Fitness to Practice.


Date:  Friday, 11th September 2015

Time: 17:15 to 18:15

Address: Faraday House, University of Syracuse, London


Available to Watch Online:  Yes