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CPD Video - Stalking and Mental Health Professionals: An Occupational Hazard - Ann Moulds

On Friday 1st November 2020 The Psychologists Protection Society Trust invited Ann Moulds to speak on the topic "Stalking and Mental Health Professionals: An Occupational Hazard". The session was part of the Psychologists Protection Society's 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Ann Moulds says her professional background is in Psychology and Clinical Behavioural Psychotherapy, training and development. In 2009 she launched her award winning campaign Action Scotland Against Stalking (ASAS) with the overall aim of having stalking recognised as a specific criminal offence within Scottish law and to give the victim an identity and a voice. Campaign Action Scotland quickly became a national and international campaign, and over the past five years Ann and her team have contributed to some major breakthroughs – most notably the introduction of the  ‘Offence of Stalking’ sec 39 Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010) The introduction of stalking into the Council of Europe’s European Convention to combat Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence and in March 2012, England & Wales introduced two new offences of stalking into the Protection of Freedoms Act, 2012.

In her presentation she outlines how stalking is a prevalent issue that cuts across all domains of society. The impact of stalking on its victims can often hold long term devastating psychological consequences and in some case lead to physical violence, It is a crime that is often underreported both in the general population and in clinical settings. Research shows mental health professionals have a higher risk of being stalked than the general population. It is important mental health professionals have an understanding of the risks involved in working with victims and those inherent in their therapeutic activities.

The event proved very popular, with over 180 therapists joining in at the venue in Glasgow or watching the live event online. The video has now been edited and is available to watch online for those who could manage to attend the event online or in person. Click on the image below to start the video.



Speakers Notes

Ann has kindly provided notes for her presentation.  Please CLICK HERE to download a copy.


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